Lord Halls Entertainment is a media broadcasting company that provides both serious journalism and entertaining
shows. Jons Blandon is a journalist and reporter but he's facing a problem. His shows ratings have been
declining for some time as viewers see him as boring and stale. Lord Halls has been having financial
problems and this seems like a great opportunity to end his show and save some money. As he's about to
be let go from his position, the board of directors have an unusual idea.

They want to give Jons a new show, but one that isn't serious at all. They believe that forcing a man like
Jons Blandon to do a comedic news program could be funny and a ratings booster. While
Jons hates the idea, he knows he has no choice. Now paired with the cheapest production crew the company could
find, Jons is set to host, “Oddball With Jons Blandon”.


Main Cast

Jons Profile Pic_00001

Jons Blandon

Host of the Off-Kilter news program.

Rick Profile Pic_00001

Rick Peterson

Cameraman on the Off-Kilter show.

Rick Profile Pic_00001

Marl Happer

The audio/video technician on the Off-Kilter show.

DT prof pic3_00001

Drew Terrance

Co-host of the Off-Kilter show.

Bob Bastworth Profile Pic_00001

Bob Bastworth

Program supervisor at Lord Halls Entertainment. He oversees the Off-Kilter show.