The town of Pear Ridge is one of the last livable places, due to a seemingly endless global freeze. This town has a weather machine that keeps the climate warm enough for people to survive. But when the weather machine breaks down, the town of Pear Ridge begins feeling the effects of the freeze. As the town goes crazy, people cling to hope that the machine will be fixed.

Diesel, Jefferson, Randy, and Mitch are four friends who live in this town. Since their jobs have been dwindling due to the freeze, they decide to embark on a quest to find the original inventor of the weather machine. As they search for the inventor who can fix this mess, they must endure the cold and try to stay sane as the town of Pear Ridge goes through a seemingly endless amount of snowy days.


Main Cast

Diesel Profile Pic_00001


Former athlete who lost his job due to anger issues. He has since gone to therapy and now works as a truck driver.

Jefferson Profile Pic_00001


Related to the owner of a dying beverage business. He works at an arcade in the local mall.

Randy Profile Pic_00001


Works at the local gas station. He attends the gas pumps while working as clerk for the convenience store.

Mitch Profile Pic_00001


Slightly crazed individual with an appetite for junk food. He loves buying it from the local gas station.