The Directorz Cut is an old video rental store that's still open for business to this day. Since there's almost no traffic to the store, the employees Dave and Lloyd are forced to keep themselves busy. In doing so, they stumble upon an old section of the store they previously never saw. This section contains only one aisle with a mysterious TV at the end of it. 

Immediately after discovering this new section, something strange begins to happen. Elements of movies begin to materialize from this old TV. Now Dave and Lloyd are forced to deal with the characters and plots from movies they both love and hate. At The Directorz Cut, the magic of cinema can truly comes to life.  



Main Cast

Dave Poles Profile Pic_00001

Dave Poles

Employee at The Directorz Cut. He's always tired and very unenthusiastic to work. He would prefer to be at home sleeping or playing video games.

Lloyd Profile Pic_00001

Lloyd Bennigans

Employee at The Directorz Cut. He's always cheerful and hard working. While The Directorz Cut doesn't bring in many customers these days, he still loves his job.

Store Manager Profile Pic_00001

Store Manager

The store manager at The Directorz Cut. He may be odd, but he's in charge.